Friday, 13 June 2008

seeing as...

we're not in the euro this year. I thought i'd remind you of this banger

Sunday, 1 June 2008


“you missed a classic with the tube party!… fucking wicked!… train after train of people jammed in just drinking and ghetto-blasting, you’d get off and on and half the time every train was full with smoking, bombing, train after train. All the adverts and tube maps were ripped off and worn as clothing… but the best bit was when the party finally came to an end at Edgware Rd and the police started trying to get everyone off the platform. This one cop got heavy-handed and the mob descended chucking bottles and cans and whatever until it got to the point where the BTP were trying to shut themselves into the station. Five of them trying to carry a woman out and everyone just goes nuts. Shut the whole line down at 11!
Word…” - Quote from

Sounds fucking heavy. So glad keith wanted to write about this on his blog but i beat him. More photos here: