Monday, 24 November 2008

La banlieue...

Found out about this bloke a while back. His names Mohammed Bourouissa (french as you might of guessed), Basically he stages moments of tension and the power relationships which exist within the ghetto-like suburbs of Paris (la banlieue). The series is called 'Périphérique', which from what i can gather means 'the outskirts' or something like that. Heres a few of my favorite images.

From what I've read online, his works now getting exhibited alongside major french artists in galleries around europe. You can see more of the series here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Here comes the milkmaid...

This being the second time ive spoke about Kid Harpoon and most probably the last, unless I remember to record the next time he recieves a pissed up prank. However the albums taking bloody ages to come out, and to be fair as much as I love his shit, 2EP's to listen to for nearly a year do get stupidly repetative. I've found a fair few demos and upped them for you bunch of darlins. Here they are x

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Pauly Lomo

THE sickest LOMO camera ive ever come across. This pisses all over my £23 holga. The paul smith lomo fisheye is a top notch bit of kit. Does everything all the new holgas do with the option of using a hotshoe or the built in flash. Also made of metal unlike the plastic pieces of shit alot of us have. Retails at $150 from Paulsmith. I know what I'm getting in my stocking.