Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Who wants a 23 grand hasselblad when this badboy could be coming your way?

Enhanced Image Quality, Improved Operability, New Holographic-ability Meshes the World of Video and Photographic Together At Last.
LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., December 17, 2008 – Building on the success of the XH A1 and XH G1 High Definition (HD) camcorders, as well as the new 5D Mark II. Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, has introduced the newly refined and upgraded hand-held LUKE Cameracorder. The product incorporates enhanced Raw images and improved high definition video, including greater image control and improved audio capabilities. Whether it is for corporate video production, wedding and events still or video, filmmaking or image stills, the new Canon LUKE cameracorder helps professional videographers and photographers mesh their creative vision together.

Press release from CANON RUMOURS

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The title says it all. The struggle on the greenside estate is never easy these days. What with west end being so renound for its roughness. The acting titles in the intro tell you this films got class. From hash finding to yattie chattin, this ones definitley a must see for all you rudeboy SKINS lovers. hur hur. This is the most lol'ful drama i've seen in a long time. On the upside, we can safely say we're gonna be seeing alot more of our favorite Tamer Hasans face, as this is his 2nd bbc apperance this month. Roll on eastnders. You've only got 5 days left on iplayer to guess who directed this little gem. so get moving. IPLAYER.

After 6 long months...

Of walking around with holes in my favorite pair of shoes. I've finally found a new pair of these YMC badboys. Thank fuck.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dali Atomicus

We all know (or have heard of) Salvador Dali. But what happens when your asked to take a photo of him? This photo is NOT a montage. Philippe Halsman took it in 1948, taking 38 attempts to get it like this. Its a fucking masterpiece. Have a look at some of the other attempts here. Or view it in BIG here.

Monday, 24 November 2008

La banlieue...

Found out about this bloke a while back. His names Mohammed Bourouissa (french as you might of guessed), Basically he stages moments of tension and the power relationships which exist within the ghetto-like suburbs of Paris (la banlieue). The series is called 'Périphérique', which from what i can gather means 'the outskirts' or something like that. Heres a few of my favorite images.

From what I've read online, his works now getting exhibited alongside major french artists in galleries around europe. You can see more of the series here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Here comes the milkmaid...

This being the second time ive spoke about Kid Harpoon and most probably the last, unless I remember to record the next time he recieves a pissed up prank. However the albums taking bloody ages to come out, and to be fair as much as I love his shit, 2EP's to listen to for nearly a year do get stupidly repetative. I've found a fair few demos and upped them for you bunch of darlins. Here they are x

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Pauly Lomo

THE sickest LOMO camera ive ever come across. This pisses all over my £23 holga. The paul smith lomo fisheye is a top notch bit of kit. Does everything all the new holgas do with the option of using a hotshoe or the built in flash. Also made of metal unlike the plastic pieces of shit alot of us have. Retails at $150 from Paulsmith. I know what I'm getting in my stocking.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Krinky eh?

KRINK for the lady types.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Fashion vs Sport

I touched on this subject a few posts back about Aitor Throup. I STILL havent been to the exhibition but have been reading more and more about it. Heres a video of 1 of the artists at the exhibiton Alex Nash. He customizes shoes...dunno if i'd have the bottle to fuck about with these jordans.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Best. Comic. Ever.

This common people comic book, was a promo item which was included with some of the singles released in 1995. I want it. Apparntly you can get it on some record shop website for around £20. It did give me a bit of a 'lol' when i first read it. The characters look similar to 'gorillaz' characters. Cant find anything that tells you that though.
Page 7 = Same as page 3, Page 8 Same as page 4.
Best viewed large here

Friday, 10 October 2008

Carry me ohio

This little number was found in this months Hotshoe magazine. Documentary photographer Matt Eich, has travelled everywhere, documenting some of the most feculant ways of living around the world. The latest series 'carry me ohio' looks into the heartland of the wealthiest country in the world, where a stretch of land lays, once known as the 'ohio coal belt'. No jobs, just an overrun of poverty. Heres some of my favorite images of the series.

Caption: The Goins family attempts to move belongings into a new trailer as dusk settles over Chauncey, Ohio.

Caption: Clayton Ator riles up his dogs Shank and Money after getting stoned. Ator, an ex-con learned to “shoot ink” in prison and does prison style tattoos out of his living room in Carbondale, OH.

Caption: Richie Goins, Jr. watches from the window of his parents trailer as cinder blocks are brought in to lay the foundation for his grandmother’s new trailer. Leetha Goins and her children Timmy, 25, Troy, 16, and grandson Will, for whom she cares, were displaced when a drunk driver swerved off the road and crashed into their trailer.

Caption: Troy Goins, 16, sucks his toes to console himself as he sits on his new bed in his mother’s trailer in Chauncey, Ohio. His autism makes it difficult for him to deal with even the smallest changes and self-stimulation is his way of coping.

Caption: Hank Balch, 38, and his brother Jeffrey Balch, 44, hang out and drink beer right off the main street in Glouster, OH.

Alot more of his work is published on his website here. If your a book lover then i recommend splashing a few quid on his book 'The good struggle'. Its epic shit.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Here we have the latest prototype from apple. A ring that could control the playback functionality of your Ipod/Iphone wirelessly. It uses bluetooth technology and is USB powered. Another clever concept from apple. I cant wait for the first 'engagement story' about this.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Sunday, 14 September 2008

What goes up must come down

Charlie Creed-miles & Kathy burke from Nil by Mouth play 2 of the characters in this nocturnal tour of london, whilst the taxi driver is played by the black girl in skins's dad. Its jokes, Directed by someone called Adam Smith, whoever he is hes got it spot on. The song is by someone called North of ping pong, whoever the fuck they are, good tune tho.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

KRINK it up

KRINK have hooked up with INCASE and released 2 cases, one macbook and one iphone 3G. Shame I have neither, but i think an iphones gonna have to come my way on the 26th. payday ;-). Although the iphone case is a 1 off the macbook cases are on sale. Have a look here

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

££ = Winter Jacket = Aitor Throup

Winters coming, and after having to sell my previous 'expensive jacket' to pay back debt for my reading ticket, I'm desperatley wanting a new jacket for the winter. After flicking through dazed&confused's autumn fashion section, I came across a few coats that caught my eye. One of the ones featured that I thought was a bit of a joke, was designed by Aitor Throup, It basically looked like an elephants tusk on the hood of a coat, with the longest fish-tail i'd seen on a 'parka style coat'. I checked out his website and all these mad illustrations of jackets he's designed came up. Some of my favorites are just below.

I read on about him and came across the title 'When Football hooligans become Hindu gods'.Now they we're making more sense and starting to look alot more like the CP company and other Massimo osti jackets i've been wanting to afford for years, only difference being, all this collection are based on hindu gods. Although I wouldnt wear alot of the jackets 'around town', If I was some ponsy rich bastard in an audi, I'd own all of these. His inspiration for desining these jackets came from the days when he was a Burnley fan, and noticed the style of clothing the other fans wore. He picked up on it and began designing at London college of Fashion, Aswell as writing the book CASUALS. His exhibtion is currently on at the V&A, But tickets are fucking pricey. If anyones down for going pretty soon let me know. Meanwhile heres a few flicks to do with him i've found on the www.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Scorzilla tha illa

New scorzayzee track...the follow up to great britain. Not too aroused by the beat, but the verses are per usual. Brap!


Do you dare to tear it away, or leave it untouched? Personally I'd leave it untouched. Estate LA are releasing this yummy Watermelon Tearaway Fitted Cap very soon, but in hyper-limited numbers, 24 to be precise. So all you Hype animals better be quick on this.

Photos taken from HYPEBEAST

Monday, 1 September 2008

We are wolves - Fight & Kiss

After seven hours of sitting on my arse, flicking through youtube and I finally found a music video im impressed with, aswell as a song that im quite attracted to. If anyone knows who directed this video let me know.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

"It's inter city firm luv"

Get your clobber on, and get down to see this bit of hooly cinema. Based on the life of the big black cass pennant, and his west ham firm of 'muggy little sighs'. Its gonna be a right larf.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Well i never knew this...

Bittersweet symphony being a cover of the rolling stones. Still, the stones version doesnt want to make me feel like im doing a shit whilst coming up.

Friday, 13 June 2008

seeing as...

we're not in the euro this year. I thought i'd remind you of this banger

Sunday, 1 June 2008


“you missed a classic with the tube party!… fucking wicked!… train after train of people jammed in just drinking and ghetto-blasting, you’d get off and on and half the time every train was full with smoking, bombing, train after train. All the adverts and tube maps were ripped off and worn as clothing… but the best bit was when the party finally came to an end at Edgware Rd and the police started trying to get everyone off the platform. This one cop got heavy-handed and the mob descended chucking bottles and cans and whatever until it got to the point where the BTP were trying to shut themselves into the station. Five of them trying to carry a woman out and everyone just goes nuts. Shut the whole line down at 11!
Word…” - Quote from

Sounds fucking heavy. So glad keith wanted to write about this on his blog but i beat him. More photos here:

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Zeiting the Geist

'Zeitgeist' is a documentary telling the story of the corruption and violation of the world. The film starts off with a speech about spirituality, followed by a series of musically synchronized clips of major events/disasters that have changed the world. It can be broken down into three parts. The first being how christianity is used by the rich and powerful to control the people. The second part is very similar to 'loose change', and is about the 9/11 conspiracy. And the third how since WW1, the mega rich have been secretly creating wars and financial disasters to get rich themselves. Alot of it i didnt understand because my knowledge on relgion and history isn't fantastic. But it is THE most interesting documentary i've seen of this style of film. It drags a bit at the start and is a bit off putting, but dont be suprised if your spitting on your floor and sending aggy comments on facebook at the end of it.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

More work

These two images are what i handed in for my final piece for Digital art this year. Both we're blown up to A2, and mounted onto foam board. There isn't really a huge idea behind them, I was just basing them on differnted intertests these two characters might have, and general ideas that sprung to mind at the time. I BET YOU CANT GUESS WHO THEY ARE ?!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Need to waste time?

After spending 2 hours on facebook, at work on bank holiday monday, i decided to broaden my attention spam and play some 'online games'. This was literally a joke and got so into it. I spent nearly the last 4 hours trying to complete it and eventually gave in to a walkthrough on some forum. I tried to embedd it on this blog but it made my blog look shit.

Monday, 26 May 2008

You and I are gonna...

This documentary clearly reigns as the queen of them all. It goes right from the start of the brit pop era, with plenty of interviews with all the 'britpop superstars'. Most importantly it gives you an insight to what a complete cock Damon Alban really is. I recommend the alcohol route when watching it, as it helps to shout and slur and the TV screen, aswell as the annoying indie kid your sitting next to. Unfortunatley it was removed from youtube, but there are a few torrents about that arent too slow.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Do it!

Somethin i was pissing around with in my digital art lesson.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Strapped with a 28

French photographer-activist, JR has been on a mission round the worlds ghettos photographing portraits of young people 'armed' with a 28mm camera. His images are all full frame portraits, and once decided on favorites, turns the streets into open air galleries by blowing them up to 5x5m posters, and illegaly showering them on to the streets of paris. He's put together a booke with the help of vincent cassell titled '28mm'. The book consists of the 28 most meaninguful portraits from the series.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Kid Harpoon, Brighton, Pressure Point 15.03.08

He was fucking quality. Short show but very sweet. Im not gonna do a 'badboi' review on him, as my NME skills arent quite the same. Gloria cycles were also pretty good but 'Helsinki' were WACK. The violinist of the powers that be was unbelievably smash, so if any1 finds any 'stills' of her for me to perv over. LET ME KNOW. Heres the link to the gig anyway.

Look at this prick

Seeing as i Deleted my 'Photography Myspace' and replaced it with a flickr thats shit. I thought post one of my final pieces for my A-level up. It's that stupid spic called Amis, being 'punk as fuck'. The idea was inspired by Shirin Neshat, An Iranian contemporary artist. The 'writing stuff' over him is the lyrics of Cro-mags - Show you no mercy. No reason in particular i was just trying to 'get the punk out of him'. anyways....i bet you laughed for 30 seconds. peace x

Friday, 1 February 2008

Orphan Boy

'Big on the 2008 scene'. Believe it or not 'spez' actualy told me about this band...think its the first time hes ever found some half decent music. Basically they sound like a more northen version of the arctic monkekys crossed with the enemy, but with much better stories. They're pretty good...apparntly they were recently full on trevs, and their quote is 'raised on fish factories and shit nightclubs'. sounds a bit like football factory lingo to me so they must be good. Albums called 'Shop local, and the link for it is above.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Kevin Carter (1960-1994)

You might have heard the song 'Kevin Carter' by The Manic Street Preachers...well its about this man. He was an award winning South African photojournalist who committed suicide due to depression because of the many traumatic experiences during his career. His work is astonishing, and when you read a bit more about of him, hes probably one of the most risk taking photographers you've ever heard about. He was a member of the Bang Bang Club who were a group of photographers during the apartheid in south africa. One of the most shocking photos ive ever seen is the one below. Whether your interested in photography or not this man really is interesting to read about.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Pulp - Freaks (1987)

This is Pulp's second album released in 1987. I never really listend to their old stuff until the last couple of months, since ive become a pulp finatic. Its a fucking good album, the lyrics on all of the tracks are quite deep (oh edgy jarvis). The tune you'll probably know off the album is 'Anoreix Beauty' which is fucking quality. My personal favorite is 'Fairground' purley because its weird as and when you listen to it, it puts quite a mental image in your head. Click the link above to download it.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Julien Donkey Boy (1999)

Watched this today for the second time. It's directed by Harmony Korine (Co-writer of Kids). First time round i was a bit spun out about it all, as it is a fucking weird film. It's quite boring but its actually a fucking amazing portrait of schizophrenia. The family on a whole are just well fucked up, well worth seeing just to make you appreciate not being a schizophrenic. Not better than a beautiful mind though.