Monday, 15 September 2008

Sunday, 14 September 2008

What goes up must come down

Charlie Creed-miles & Kathy burke from Nil by Mouth play 2 of the characters in this nocturnal tour of london, whilst the taxi driver is played by the black girl in skins's dad. Its jokes, Directed by someone called Adam Smith, whoever he is hes got it spot on. The song is by someone called North of ping pong, whoever the fuck they are, good tune tho.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

KRINK it up

KRINK have hooked up with INCASE and released 2 cases, one macbook and one iphone 3G. Shame I have neither, but i think an iphones gonna have to come my way on the 26th. payday ;-). Although the iphone case is a 1 off the macbook cases are on sale. Have a look here

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

££ = Winter Jacket = Aitor Throup

Winters coming, and after having to sell my previous 'expensive jacket' to pay back debt for my reading ticket, I'm desperatley wanting a new jacket for the winter. After flicking through dazed&confused's autumn fashion section, I came across a few coats that caught my eye. One of the ones featured that I thought was a bit of a joke, was designed by Aitor Throup, It basically looked like an elephants tusk on the hood of a coat, with the longest fish-tail i'd seen on a 'parka style coat'. I checked out his website and all these mad illustrations of jackets he's designed came up. Some of my favorites are just below.

I read on about him and came across the title 'When Football hooligans become Hindu gods'.Now they we're making more sense and starting to look alot more like the CP company and other Massimo osti jackets i've been wanting to afford for years, only difference being, all this collection are based on hindu gods. Although I wouldnt wear alot of the jackets 'around town', If I was some ponsy rich bastard in an audi, I'd own all of these. His inspiration for desining these jackets came from the days when he was a Burnley fan, and noticed the style of clothing the other fans wore. He picked up on it and began designing at London college of Fashion, Aswell as writing the book CASUALS. His exhibtion is currently on at the V&A, But tickets are fucking pricey. If anyones down for going pretty soon let me know. Meanwhile heres a few flicks to do with him i've found on the www.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Scorzilla tha illa

New scorzayzee track...the follow up to great britain. Not too aroused by the beat, but the verses are per usual. Brap!


Do you dare to tear it away, or leave it untouched? Personally I'd leave it untouched. Estate LA are releasing this yummy Watermelon Tearaway Fitted Cap very soon, but in hyper-limited numbers, 24 to be precise. So all you Hype animals better be quick on this.

Photos taken from HYPEBEAST

Monday, 1 September 2008

We are wolves - Fight & Kiss

After seven hours of sitting on my arse, flicking through youtube and I finally found a music video im impressed with, aswell as a song that im quite attracted to. If anyone knows who directed this video let me know.