Thursday, 14 January 2010


When i first saw city of god i was blown the fuck away. The next brazillian film i was to see was carandiru, based on a massively over crowded, aid's infected piss stinking prison (although it may as well have been a slum). My opinions of the film throughout were that it was overly dramatic and lacked realism. When you get to the end of the film, those views are flipped round, as you see a fucked up bombard of brazillian police barge through the doors and shoot dead 84 prisoners. Here's a little documentary about the prison.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Football taken too far..

A Manchester United fan drove from his Sheffield home to Aberdeen to begin an affair with a girl he had met on Facebook, only to discover it had been a hoax set up by a couple of Liverpudlian pranksters.

The prank also cost 39-year-old Stuart Slann his marriage.

Now Stuart has become an unfortunate internet star after a video revealing the elaborate hoax - accompanied by an embarrassing photo - and the entire phone conversation have been put onto video-sharing website YouTube and Facebook.

The recording contains further humiliating details of the hoax, and is NSFW.

During the phone call the lads tell him: "Do you recognise our voices Stuart?

"It's them Scouse lads who threw you in the pool. Do you recognise our Scouse accents?"

Stuart replies: "Yes I do mate."

The mystery Liverpool supporters tell him: "You've been framed", before bursting into laughter.

Stuart met the pair on a holiday in Cancun, Mexico, last November. According to the Telegraph, the three soon started giving it some gob about their rival football teams, and Stuart was subsequently thrown into the swimming pool by the Liverpool fans.

After returning home, they decided to further humiliate their victim, and set up a Facebook account featuring a Scottish woman called Emma, and exchanged emails and text messages with their target before inviting him to Aberdeen.

Stuart explained: "I'd been chatting to this girl on Facebook for about a month or so. I really thought she was genuine, and I had no reason to doubt it. On the night she asked me to Scotland I was on the road for about nine hours. And then when I got to this remote farm she sent me a text to say she was still in work.

"That's what made it worse, not only had I driven for nine hours, but I had to wait for about another three and a half hours for her to finish work."

"Then when I got the call to say it was all a hoax I just felt awful.

"If they had asked to drive to Manchester, Leeds or even Liverpool it wouldn't have been so bad and maybe I'd have seen the funny side. But to drag me all the way to Aberdeen was just cruel."

Stuart's wife Louise, 32, discovered the 'affair' last week when the whole story went public, and their marriage is now over.

Poor bastard. Story from insidesoccerworld.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Chav towns - Brighton 2005?

I was just flicking through my old hard drive and found some shit I had saved from years ago. Thought this was fucking hilarious.. a review of brighton's 'chav scene' back when times were tough among these troubled youth's spoken about in the text below... anyone got any ideas who wrote it? Can be viewed online here.

"ah yes churchill square, home of the Too Messy Crew
yea want to know something i was apart of this crew a few years back, and i know them all mostly (although we never speak cos we hate eachother)
yes at night its there roaming spot, it used to be down by the king alfred in hove, thats where i first joined, but back then, it was just us all sitting around having a drink with a little bombfire, yes we caused trouble but we was young (i was never a chav, but my friends were) and the trouble we caused was play fighting in the middle of the road, blowing up lighters , a destroying the public toliets
let me tell you something dont be scared of these people, they are weak a couple of years back i would of said “yes they are ‘ard, watch your step”
but that was only cos i was part of them, most of them live in whitehawk, and hove, they are all fakes, they all live in nice big houses, with their mums and dads, and bros and sisters. well thats a lie they dont all live like that but they might aswell
heres something to make u laugh, half of them are emotional idiots, the last day of my secondary school, i had a few of them around me drunk out of their minds, (as usual) with the ‘ardest girl crying on my shoulder saying she will miss me (even though i hated her, and she hated me and we both knew it) emotional wrecks too be honest.
if i havent seen every guy in that ‘crew’ cry once, then ive seen it twice, and the girls even more.
and chavs to the fullest, girls wearing mini skirts, and revealing tops and guys walking around with their hands down their trousers.
while these…people (if they are even worth that name) can fight, its only because they are in a group, like on animal shows, they hunt in packs but alone they are just as much the prey as we are.
but they prefer vocal bullying and the more of a reaction they get the funnier for them, the less reaction they get, then yes they will laugh but only at their own embarresment
i was told to make this funny, but y make it funny, you can get all the laughs you want at looking at them."


Svengali is a pilot mini-series based on the music industry in london. Hapless band manager (Dixie) is looking to get a deal in london for his band 'The Premature Congratulations' (21st century happy mondays). He bumps into an old friend who's now 'made it' where the program begins to highlight the idea of how everyone thinks they 'have to be cool' to make it big. The series features a number of industry faces such as; Alan Mcgee, Carl Barat, Maggot (goldie lookin chain) and so on. The pilots were a success and it's now been announced that its gonna be made into a full TV series for some time in 2010. There's currently six episodes available on youtube.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Junky's Christmas

For those of you that have been dwelling on how 'shit christmas was this year'... William S. Burroughs (author of naked lunch & the junky), narrates the animated tale of Danny the Carwiper, who spends Christmas Day trying to score a fix, but finds the Christmas spirit instead. Maybe you should give it a go next year.