Thursday, 29 May 2008

Zeiting the Geist

'Zeitgeist' is a documentary telling the story of the corruption and violation of the world. The film starts off with a speech about spirituality, followed by a series of musically synchronized clips of major events/disasters that have changed the world. It can be broken down into three parts. The first being how christianity is used by the rich and powerful to control the people. The second part is very similar to 'loose change', and is about the 9/11 conspiracy. And the third how since WW1, the mega rich have been secretly creating wars and financial disasters to get rich themselves. Alot of it i didnt understand because my knowledge on relgion and history isn't fantastic. But it is THE most interesting documentary i've seen of this style of film. It drags a bit at the start and is a bit off putting, but dont be suprised if your spitting on your floor and sending aggy comments on facebook at the end of it.

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DJ NAUSE said...

sounds like a load of fucking bollocks. i hate this kind of shit.