Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Scorzilla tha illa

New scorzayzee track...the follow up to great britain. Not too aroused by the beat, but the verses are per usual. Brap!


braindeadscum said...

OK I listened and i'm not feeling it really though I quite like the beat.. It's just boring lyrics that immortal technique would throw away. I still think his album's gonna be sick though.. I just think this "generic political rap" is played out unless the emcees know alot about what they're talking about.

DJ NAUSE said...

is that a promo? and whens the album dropping?

cateralwayswins said...

I dunno, Cant find nothing on the web about the album. Theres said to be an EP out before it though, altho we've been hearing this for months and months.