Thursday, 14 January 2010


When i first saw city of god i was blown the fuck away. The next brazillian film i was to see was carandiru, based on a massively over crowded, aid's infected piss stinking prison (although it may as well have been a slum). My opinions of the film throughout were that it was overly dramatic and lacked realism. When you get to the end of the film, those views are flipped round, as you see a fucked up bombard of brazillian police barge through the doors and shoot dead 84 prisoners. Here's a little documentary about the prison.


ClueLess Alumnus said...

oh.. disturbing video. T.T

Servant of the Most High said...


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Medha said...

Hm, interesting. But honestly, Im here to tell you, you have one crazy awesome header.

Elmunir said...


it is a very disturbing video beasue it is real. where i am from ,, the government shot 1200 prisoners to death in one day, i will try to find an English documentation to post in my log.. feel free to follow my Blog to be able to see the video when i post it

peace too all