Monday, 23 March 2009

Liam Gallaghers 'Pretty Green Clothing'

Well to be honest I'm suprised this day hasn't come sooner than it has. Liam Gallagher has started his own clothing range called 'Pretty Green'. Most likely taken from The Jam tune. He says "Clothes and music are my passion. I'm not here to rip anyone off and I'm not doing it for the money either. I'm doing it cuz there's a lack of stuff out there of the things I would wear". I'm really not lookin forward to the amount of cheesy wankers, ranting on about this when it comes out and starts getting alot more publicity. I for one will definitely not be wearing any of it, however I'm sure a number of people in my 'friendship group' will be. Seriously, being a 'top music artist' and releasing your own clothing range, spells sell out. I think he needs to put his feet up at call it a day. You can even email the big dog himself and ask him a question about fashion via the website

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Anonymous said...

I think it's funny you call him a sell out when he clearly states that he's not in it for the money. That being said, Oasis have sold over 50 million records worldwide... how can you call the guy a sell out? He doesn't need any money. He just loves stylish clothing. Idiot.